Reversible Plate Compactor MVP125

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Centrifugal Force Ibf (kN)2360.5 lbf (10.5)3380 lbf (15)2922 lbf (13)5620 lbf (25)
Exciter Speed (Frequency)5600 VPM5800 VPM5500 VPM4300 VPM
Compaction depth in (cm)8 in (20)10 in (25.4)12 in (30)12 in (30)
Max Forward ft./min80ft./min90ft./min80ft./min50ft./min
Efficiency ft2/hr. (m2/hr.)4800 ft2/hr (450)7100 ft2/hr (660)7100 ft2/hr (660)5400 ft2/hr (500)
Water Tank Capacity3.4 gal (13)2.1 gal (8)3.4 gal (13)N/A
Plate Size in (cm)14”x20”
(36) x (50)
Engine PowerGX160 HondaGX160 HondaGX160 HondaGX160 Honda
Overall Length in (cm)31” (80)31” (80)33” (83)30” (76)
Overall Width in (cm)16” (40)20” (50)20” (50)16” (40)
Overall Height in (cm)43” (108)45” (114)43” (108)43” (108)
Operating Weight lbs. (Kg)136 lbs. (62)186 lbs. (84)183 lbs. (83)278 lbs. (126)


  • Low maintenance design.
  • Superior compaction on any direction forward and reverse
  • Ideal for sand, gravel and mixed soils in narrow trenches and along foundations, walls, and abutments.
  • Easy-to-reach controls
  • Large shock mounts for upper deck vibration reduction.
  • Wear-resistant baseplates extend life, the open design reduces dirt building.
  • Centrally located lifting eye for transportation.
  • Wrap around protection cage protects the plate from accidental job-site damage.
  • Heavy duty industrial throttle available as an upgrade.
  • Transportation wheels kit available as an upgrade.